“Deep Pinning was performed on our property over three years ago. Penetrating over 20m of heavy clay and supporting 40 tonnes off each of the five underpins day-in, day-out with no settlement whatsoever proves that this system works.”
Rod Collins,
Acton Park


“Deep Pinning has given us piece of mind in the repairing of our home.  We liked how the technique addressed the cause of the original problem by re-supporting the footing on bedrock.”
Jill & Derry Atkinson,
New Town


“Our 100 year old house was built on crusty layers of soil with very soft clay underneath.  The existing piers had understandably sunk into the soil taking the house with it.  Replacing or repairing the piers at foundation level was not an option as any weight placed on them would continue to push through soft soil.   Deep Pinning provided a permanent solution at rock level, securing the house to face the next 100+ years.”

Traci Brooks 
New Town


“The Underpinning Engineers turned our ‘slanty shanty’ into an upright, level cottage. Floors are no longer sloping, walls are straight, and most of all, we now have the peace of mind that our home is no longer
sinking into the ground as it had been for decades. Mike not only had the expertise and skills to fix our house’s problems which others suggested was not repairable, but also showed a genuine interest in a positive outcome for us as his client.

Thanks to his and his team’s excellent personable and professional conduct the whole process was as pleasant as a winter renovation can be. We found him and his crew most trustworthy and considerate of our needs as a family living in the house during the works.

Thank you very much for looking after us – we greatly appreciate the company’s efforts in keeping the project moving along both swiftly and within our tight budget. It has been a pleasure to deal with the Underpinning Engineers, and we love the results using “Deep Pinning””.

Carmen Welss
Lenah Valley