Deep Pinning is unparalleled in its capacity to permanently repair inadequate footings with its unique “top-to-bottom” approach to the problem.

10 key benefits of Deep Pinning:

1.  Transfers the loads on a failed footing down to solid underlying bedrock

2.  Provides a permanent, Guaranteed solution unique to the field of underpinning – anywhere.

3.  Reduces the uncertainty surrounding traditional and more modern stop-gap underpinning methods that fall short of providing support on stable founding layers

4.  Pad footings under timber floors and other structural footings can be Deep Pinned to rock even where site conditions include very low head clearance and tight access using our hand operated hydraulic equipment and novel techniques

5.  Excels in reactive and deep clay sites

6.  Deep pinned underpins are unaffected by future changing ground conditions resulting from events such as leaking pipes, tree roots, geological anomalies and seasonal reactive clay variations

7.  An adaptable and consistent solution, supporting the footing evenly on bedrock at varying depths across the site not at an arbitrary depth regardless of the bearing capacity of the profile

8.  Deep Pinning usually penetrates into rock, passing through weak weathered layers to refuse on a sound surface

9.  Very efficient installation – the corner footing of a house can be deep-pinned to over 6m in a few hours

10.  Simply, the smarter and 100% reliable underpinning solution