Deep Pinning Advanced Underpinning System is the only design-based, lifetime guaranteed underpinning solution that takes a step into providing structural stability in vulnerable structures. We are a family-owned business with 15 years of experience in its structure and 14 more as an independent consultancy. We specialise in novel solutions customised for every specific site. Unique repair solutions “Deep Pinning” & “CracKontrol” have been developed and refined in-house to offer long-term fixes that address the symptoms and the cause of the core problems faced by domestic and larger structures.

Why Deep Pinning?

Deep Pinning transfers the loads on a failed footing down to solid underlying bedrock. It provides a permanent, guaranteed solution unique to the field of underpinning – anywhere. It reduces the uncertainty surrounding traditional and more modern stop-gap underpinning methods that fall short of providing support on stable founding layers.

If you live in Tasmania and have footing movement issues in your home, you require a solution that will last forever. The revolutionary Deep Pinning Advanced Underpinning System is the solution you are looking for. The Deep Pinning is unparalleled in its capacity to permanently repair inadequate footings with its unique “top-to-bottom” approach to the problem.

Fast, Permanent, and Affordable Solution

Deep Pinning is fast and permanent and is often cheaper than other compromised underpinning options. As the deep pinning system transfers the weight of the failed footing to the underlying bedrock, the repair is permanent and reliable. Essentially, the footing does not know how deep or how reactive the underlying foundation is from then on – Deep Pinning is the key to reliable structural footing repairs.

We offer efficient installation. The corner footing of a house can be deep-pinned to over 6m in a few hours. We have the smartest and 100% reliable underpinning solution.


"Deep Pinning was performed on our property over three years ago. Penetrating over 20m of heavy clay and supporting 40 tonnes off each of the five underpins day-in, day-out with no settlement whatsoever proves that this system works."

Rod Collins, Acton Park

"Deep Pinning has given us piece of mind in the repairing of our home.  We liked how the technique addressed the cause of the original problem by re-supporting the footing on bedrock."

Jill & Derry Atkinson, New Town

"Our 100 year old house was built on crusty layers of soil with very soft clay underneath.  The existing piers had understandably sunk into the soil taking the house with it.  Replacing or repairing the piers at foundation level was not an option as any weight placed on them would continue to push through soft soil.   Deep Pinning provided a permanent solution at rock level, securing the house to face the next 100+ years."

Traci Brooks, New Town