An Overview of Deep Pinning System and Its Primary Benefits

26 July 2022

Numerous factors affect the longevity of residential, commercial, and other types of buildings. One of these factors is the quality of their footing. Footing is a type of shallow foundation that is in direct contact with the earth or ground. It is typically made from slabs and rebars

High-quality footings allow the buildings’ foundation to be supported optimally. Additionally, the same footings can prevent settling and allow even load distribution. Now, if building owners or occupants notice some cracks on their walls and other structural components of their properties, their footings may have obtained some issues. Footing issues might have also developed if the buildings experience sudden movement.

One conventional solution to footing issues is underpinning. It involves the excavation of a large hole under the footing so it can be filled with concrete. This solution, however, can make everything worse, resulting to further cracking and movement.

Deep Pinning as the Modern Alternative

One alternative to the process of underpinning is Deep Pinning. Deep Pinning System is a newly patented and innovative process that directly addresses the root cause of faulty footings. It serves as the best replacement for conventional underpinning and other old processes.

Deep Pinning is carried out by driving large diameter, solid steel reinforcing bars down through the ground until they reach the bedrock or very solid and firm materials. These bars or pins are integrated with the footings of the building, which make them independent of the unstable foundation materials. This integration can also provide a surface wherein the damaged footings can be raised and repaired without encountering more problems.

When compared to the traditional underpinning process, the Deep Pinning process is much more capable of holding the footings since they are supported directly by the bedrock. Conventional underpinning, alternatively, still makes the whole footing area vulnerable to issues since the new concrete below it remains dependent on an unstable foundation.

Deep Pinning System Primary Benefits

By implementing the Deep Pinning System, building owners with property footing problems can gain numerous benefits.

One of the benefits of implementing the Deep Pinning System is it can permanently repair the footings. As mentioned earlier, the traditional underpinning process does not provide a reliable solution for footing problems since it only relies on an unstable foundation. The Deep Pinning process, alternatively, depends on the sturdier bedrock in providing a solid surface for the footings. Even after a few decades, the footings are expected to stay intact with Deep Pinning.

The Deep Pinning System can likewise require minimal resources compared to conventional underpinning. The modern system only utilises less concrete, cutting the amount of money spent on the materials. It even reduces the time needed for repairs as the entire process can already be finished in a few days or even hours.

Deep Pinning is also versatile as it can be applied to various property conditions. For one, it can be done in property areas found in problematic and deep clay sites. This innovative approach can even be utilised for indoor and tight access sites.

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